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Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Drug/Alcohol Prevention

The SAPISP program provides a comprehensive, school based approach for the prevention, intervention, and support services for secondary schools. The program is successful due to the collaborative efforts among students, parents, schools, and community resources.

The program is designed to:

  • Strengthen healthy attitudes, positive decision making skills, and provide clear standards for behavior
  • Provide education for parents, schools, and communities on ways to support the social/emotional health of our youth
  • Reduce student risk for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use
  • Provide referral and support services for students and families
  • Assist students to achieve academic and social success

The services consist of:

  • Assistance in the use of age-appropriate prevention curricula
  • Supervision of peer leadership or pledge programs
  • Promotion of drug-free activities, student support groups, parent involvement activities, and staff development intervention strategies
  • Identification of students who are at risk of initiating substance use, are coping with the substance use of significant others, or are suspected of substance use
  • Facilitating peer support groups, social skills training, and individual and family interventions designed to address the particular needs of each student
  • Referrals to community services such as chemical dependency treatment in cases where the severity of use requires services that cannot be provided in the school setting
  • Professional development opportunities with an emphasis on prevention education and early identification and intervention related to substance use and violence
  • Community Coalition linkages and/or participation. Staff actively participates in local community multi-agency coordination and collaboration

The services are based on best practices designed to help the student be more successful in the classroom and in the community. Federal and state law protects the confidentiality of participant records maintained by the SAPISP Program.

If you have any questions or concerns contact your child’s school counselor. You can also contact the National Drug Helpline at 1-844-289-0879 for 24/7 assistance.