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Home Hospital

Home Hospital

Home/Hospital Tutoring Instruction is provided to students who are temporarily unable to attend school for an estimated period of four weeks and a maximum of eighteen weeks because of a physical and/or mental disability or illness that interferes with the students ability to regularly attend school. Weeks of absences may be consecutive or intermittent but may not exceed the 18-week limit. If a student will exceed the 18-week limit, consultation with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) health services program specialist is required prior to providing extra weeks of tutoring.

Tutoring is not provided during school vacations unless students are enrolled in a district summer school program for the purposes of credit retrievel and not enhancement. Tutoring instruction cannot begin for a student if less than four weeks of school remain and is not available to students caring for an infant or a relative who is ill.

Prior to providing home/hospital tutoring instruction, the parent and/or adult student and a Qualified Medical Practioner must complete the required forms below: Request for Home/Hospital Instruction and Authorization for Mutual Exchange of Medical Info.  Once completed, the forms must be submited to the student's school counselor.  The District Nurse Manager will either approve/deny the request, or seek for more information, based on the information provided. Home/Hospital tutoring instruction is organized by the Special Services Department, Office Coordinator at 253-566-5645. 

Required Forms Include:

Request for Home Hospital Tutoring Instruction

Authorization for Mutual Exchange of Medical Info Form