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Living with Other Process

No proof of residency in your name

In Washington, a student’s school and resident district is based on where the student resides, (sleeps at night) WAC 392-137-115. If your family has no residence, please navigate to information regarding Homless students and the McKinney-Vento Education Act

“Living with Other” (LWO) involves and arrangement in which a mionor student attending a school in the University Place School District (UPSD) lives at a residence within the district that is not owned or leased, (rented) by the student’s parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian may or may not live at the UPSD address. In either case, the person who owns or leases the residence within the district becomes the “sponsor” of the student and MUST agree to represent the student in ALL school-related matters.

UPSD LWO Cover Letter

UPSD LWO Affidavit by Parent AND Sponsor