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Work Order Request (Staff Use Only)

Work Order Requests (for District Use)

Maintenance Dept Work Orders

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At most district locations, a single Administrator or Custodian is assigned to submit all work orders.  This helps avoid duplication and errors when work orders are submitted. 

For example, if you are a classroom teacher, please connect with your custodian, Office Coordinator or Administrator first.  They may be able to handle your request at the school level.  If not, they will submit a work order (to be assigned to Maintenance Dept technicians). See the bottom of this page for TECH work order instructions.

If you are authorized to submit a work order, please proceed:

ML Hammer and Wrench IconClick here to submit a work order

First time submitting a work order?  Click here for a video demonstration.


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How to choose your work order priority:

URGENT Immediate Response Flooding, flames, burning or gas smell, anything that will imminently harm people or property.  Please call 253-566-5700, then enter work order.
HIGH 1-2 day initial response No heat or air conditioning in classroom (student spaces), pooling water due to leaking toilet/fixture/roof, precarious tree limb, access control system repair.
MEDIUM 1-14 day initial response Equipment repair, keys & locks, lighting, heat or air conditioning in non-student spaces, digital clocks/bells, window or door repair, mowing, trash removal, pest control.
LOW 1-15+ day response Surplus item pickup, boxes or equipment moving, custodial supply ordering, window blinds or shades, playground or parking lot striping, wall or floor repair, painting, tree or bush trimming.


QUESTIONS? Contact Auxiliary Services at 253-566-5700

Technology Dept Work Orders

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UPSD’s Technology Support Center uses a different work order system.  For  technology surplus or for work with computers, phones, smartboards or tablets, submit a TECH work request HERE.   

You may also email them directly at or call 253-566-5636.

Desktop Computer and KeyboardThe Technology Support Center can also help you with your UPSD Identification Badge, telephone long distance code, setting up your district email, computer login information, and Access Controls programming cards.