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Lost and Found

Yellow sign with Lost and Found in black textUPSD Transportation Logo

Lost & Found

Did your student leave something on a school bus?  Please check with your child's school.  If an item is found on the bus, the driver will bring it back to the school.

Curtis Sr High School, 253-566-5710
Curtis Jr High School, 253-566-5670
Drum Intermediate School, 253-566-5660
Narrows View Intermediate School, 253-566-5630
Chambers Primary School, 253-566-5650
Sunset Primary School, 253-566-5640
University Place Primary School, 253-566-5620
Evergreen Primary School, 253-566-5680

Unclaimed items will be donated on a timetable set by the administration.


QUESTIONS?  Contact UPSD Transportation Department at 253-566-5724