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Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center Program

Every school in the University Place School District has special education staff dedicated to meeting the needs of students with disabilities. These students have a wide range of disabilities – developmental delay, autism, vision impairment, hearing impairment, emotional/behavioral disability, health impairment, special learning disability, intellectual disability, and traumatic brain injury. Services are provided to students so they can receive benefits from the general education curriculum and make progress and/or meet their IEP goals (whether academic or non-academic) within the least restrictive environment.

Although a room within a school might be designated as the Learning Resource Center, the delivery of services varies depending on students' needs. Service delivery may include:

  • Specially designed instruction within general education classes;
  • Systematic and individualized instruction offered outside of general education classes in order to deliver special education and/or related services;
  • Combinations of any, or all of these, or other options designed to meet students' needs.

In terms of traditional language, Learning Resources Centers generally provide services to students who might be identified as requiring “resource room” support. However, students with more significant disabilities may benefit from participation in a Learning Resource Center as  a part of their individualized program.