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Strong, Results Driven Academic Programs

REI: Strong, Results Driven Academic Programs

UPSD has long been committed to ensuring that all students have access to a rigorous educational experience. 

This includes access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum, actionable assessment systems that help identify who needs more academic support, high expectations for learning for all students and the highest quality instruction in every classroom.  These commitments have been a hallmark of our programs for years and they serve all students well.  Students of color in UPSD consistently graduate from CHS at rates above 90%.  Within the 2020 graduating class, black students graduated at rates 14% above their state peers.  Academically, across all grades in state testing, black students in UPSD outperformed their state peers by 15% in ELA, 16.5% in math and 17.3% in science.  On the SAT in 2018/19, black students in UPSD outperformed their state peers by 47 scale score points in Evidence Based Reading and Writing and by 60 points in Math.  The academic performance of UPSD students of color is significantly higher than their state peers, but we will continue to strive until all race and income gaps are closed.

Over the last several years, multiple UPSD schools have been recognized specifically for their ability to help students of color learn at high levels as demonstrated on standardized exams.  Examples include the National Blue Ribbon School Award (2020) at UPP and the National Title I Distinguished School Award (2017) at Drum Intermediate School.  Both awards were received in recognition of success serving student populations who have been historically underserved by public school systems.  Other recognition has come for UPP and Narrows View from the Center for Educational Effectiveness after analysis of data related to the achievement of LatinX and low income students. National analysis by CenterPoint Education Solutions also found that UPSD academic programs have been successful in closing achievement gaps for black and low-income students. 

Strong academic programs are only one part of a complex response to systemic racism.  Moving forward, we hope to maintain our high standards and success for academic achievement while also improving in other areas necessary to make UPSD schools welcoming, inclusiveness and effective for all.