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Family Access

Family Access

Skyward LogoClick the Skyward logo to bring up the login screen.

What is Family Access?

Family Access is a web-based tool designed to enhance parent/guardian and school communication. All information is password protected and each guardian has their own Login ID and Password.

How to get your Login ID and Password:

  • If you supplied your current E-mail address at registration go to the Family Access Login screen and click the Forgot your Login/Password? link. This process will send an E-mail with your Login ID and instructions to reset your password.
  • If you did not supply an E-mail address at registration or you have trouble with the process above, please contact your student's school office. During the summer please contact the District Office at 253-566-5600.


Logins are originally formatted as the first five (5) characters of your last name followed by the first three (3) characters of your first name. If either name does not contain that number of characters, please add spaces to complete the formula. The last 3 digits are numerical, usually zeros. Example: LEE_ _CAT000

Family Access requires the use of pop-ups therefore they must be enabled before getting in. It is recommended to add an exception for Skyward's Family Access rather than disabling pop-ups completely.

Update Email address and maintain Automated Email Notifications

Use the "My Account" link located in the upper right corner of the browser version of Family Access to update your email address.  At the bottom of this window are options to receive automatic email notifications if desired.  If the box is checked, the email will send automatically as set in this area.  If a users wished to discontinue the email, come back to this area and un-check the option.

Food Service option offers parents ala carte limits!

Skyward offers parents an option to set limits on ala carte purchases. Parents may choose to set a daily ala carte amount that can not be exceeded or to not allow ala carte purchases at all. This option is found under the Food Service tab in the web version of Family Access. (At this time, this option is not available within the mobile app.) Click here for detailed instructions with pictures.

The links below offer more detailed information about using Skyward Family Access: